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First aid for sport

Would you have the skills needed to save a life on the pitch?

Every year in Wales, around 20,000 people attend A&E because they are injured playing sport.

As Wales’ leading first aid charity, we are encouraging all sports players, coaches and spectators to have first aid training, to learn the skills needed to save a life.

We’re already training people through our Rugby Emergency Aid Course in partnership with the WRU, but we want players and staff involved in every sport, from football to athletics to cheerleading to learn the skills needed to save a life.


A Welsh rugby coach is urging other coaching staff and players to learn first aid with St John Wales, after he saved a life on the pitch.

58-year old Clive Jenkins was on the sidelines during a charity rugby veterans game at Kenfig Hill RFC, when 51-year-old player Martin Burnell collapsed during the first half.

Clive said, “I ran onto the pitch and quickly realised that Martin wasn’t breathing. I opened his airway by tilting his head back, as I’d been shown in my first aid course with St John Wales, but when he didn’t start breathing again, I immediately began CPR.

“Another member of the coaching team called the ambulance and I continued the chest compressions until the paramedics arrived and they could shock Martin with a defibrillator. It took three shocks of the defibrillator to get his heart going again.”

Martin has now made a full recovery. He said, “I felt fine on the day of the match but began to feel unwell all of a sudden. The next thing I remember is waking up in hospital four hours later. The team told me that Clive saved my life and I was so grateful to him. I’m fairly fit and healthy, so I never thought I’d be at risk of a cardiac arrest. It shows just how important it is to have first aid training.”

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